Performance Yoga for Athletes

Our studio has more experience in Yoga for Athletes than any other yoga studio in Charlotte.  We work with athletes from all over the country.   The athletes to whom we cater range from professional football, basketball, ice hockey and baseball players, triathletes, college and high school lacrosse players, swimmers, golfers, cyclists, competitive dancers, just to name a few.  Based on our extensive experience, we are the only yoga studio in Charlotte to offer a training program for yoga teachers who would like to enhance their work with athletes. For more information about our Performance Yoga for Athletes training program visit our workshop page for upcoming trainings.

We offer Performance Yoga for Athletes classes, as well as specifically designed programs offered for teams, as well as one-on-one sessions. Not only do we offer a strong foundation in the teaching of yoga, but we also focus on anatomy, physiology and functional movement.

We use our understanding of the variety of repetitive movements in any particular sport combined with the sport’s periodization to design classes and/or programs for our athletes that best serve their need, providing them with the greatest benefit of a yoga practice.

Athletes refine their skill through practice and repetition of certain movements and drills. While athletes are strong, the overuse and repetitive nature of certain activities may cause an imbalance in certain areas causing the body to function slightly out of alignment. Many sports injures are a result of this overuse and misalignment. A regular yoga practice can help to regain balance within the body by directly affecting any patterning in the nervous system.

Our specifically designed classes enable an athlete to use a fuller range of motion of all joints. As more balance is created within the body, repetitive-use injuries may be prevented by allowing the body to function more smoothly. Improved range of motion leads to improved performance.

A yoga practice deepens an athlete’s body awareness, proprioception and improves balance, cultivating a stronger connection and understanding of the breath and the relationship between movement and breath. Yoga also teaches athletes to develop a single-pointed focus and enhanced concentration.